Kutti Chathan

Kuttichathan is worshiped by Keralites from days immemorial, it is believed that, this Moorthy showers his blessings, if worshiped under stringent vruthams (religious vows or promises). To win the favour of the Moorthy the devotee has to overcome the hardest and the meanest customs.But once the Moorthy is pleased he will oblige to any or all demands of his devotee. The Chattan eru (stone pelting) is a commonly heard Chathan’s mischief. As per Kottarathil Shankunni in ”Aithihya mala” (book on myths), these numerous Chathans are the creations of Lord Shiva in Vishnu maya. Nevertheless, another prominent belief is that Kuttichathan had his origin from the “homa kundam” (consecrated fire place). The usual customs of Kuttichathan seva (worship) includes Kozhivettu (slaying the rooster) and Madhya Nivadyam (offering liquor) to the Chathan.

There are numerous Chathans but the prominent ones are “Karikkutty”, “Teekutty”, “Parakkutty”, “Pookkutty” etc. Each Koolam has some uniqueness associated with it in costumes. Colors, and mannerisms. Another myth is that Chathan is the child born to a Brahmin in a Paraya woman and an attempt was made on the child’s life by plunging it into the fire. The child escaped by scattering its body into several pieces, the piece that flew away is the ”Parakkutty”, the one that glittered in the fire is “Teekutty” and the one transformed into flower is known as “Pookkutty”. It is believed that the “Parakkutty” represents the wind, “Teekutty” the summer and the “Karikkutty” the rains.