Manushya Moorthikal

In ancient Kerala the “Karanavers” (elders) of all tharavads were given great reverence. The prosperity of the tharavads and the well being of it’s members were his sole concern. These Karanavers both men and women, who were skilled in “Manthra”, “Thandra” and medicines enjoyed the highest veneration in the society. On their demise their idols “Kudivacha Moorthikal” were installed on a “Mandapam” (platform) and worshiped in their tharavads or temples.

These “Kudivacha Moorthikal” are also enacted in Thirayattam; the theme of the Koolam includes their clan, birth, education, activities, war exploits and even their death. The detailing includes the customs, beliefs, arts, sports and all other related aspects of the age. The primary weapon of the Karanaver is the “Kuntham” ( sphere). The  “Churika” ( short sword) , “Kadara” ( Dagger), “Thoppy” (head gear) etc,  used by karanavers, are also used  while enacting this Thirayattam.

“Guru Muthappan”, “Kandath Raman”, “Paragodan Moorthy”, “Peruvannan Moorthy”, “Chetty Moorthy” etc are the popular male Koolams and the female are “Kadavangod Makkam”, “Panthapurathu Panchali” etc.

In short the “Kudivacha Moorthikal” has the same prominence and importance that of the Deiva Moorthikal in Thirayattam. The parents are considered at equal reverence to god in all religions of the world, this concept is manifested to esteemed stature in these “Manushya Moorthy” Koolams of Thirayattam.