Bagavathy Thira has great prominence in Koolams, several incarnations of the Devi to destroy the evil forces and wicked Asuras are being enacted in Thirayattam. The killing of the asura Darika; Bagavathy’s preparations for her visit to lord Parama Shiva and her arrival at the Shiva Sannidhi are all enacted. Raktha Chamundi, Raktheswari, Badhrakaali, Naga kaali, Ooda kaali etc are main Koolams of Bagavathy thira.


“Naga Aradhna” (worship of the Snake) was prevalent in Kerala from the very early days. “Sarpa Kaavukal” (Sacred grooves were preserved at the kannimoola (south west) of the tharavads with a Naga Pratishta ( Idol of Snake god) to house and worship the Naga raja. The ancient customs that are still prevalent in these Kaavukal, forbids the use of  iron on the trees and plants grown here. So these ancient grooves are abode to very old trees and plants that are centuries old.

Naga Thira is an important custom of worshiping the naga goddess. The naga ( snake) is considered as the Nagakaali and the costumes and mannerisms of the koolam resembles the snake. The Koolam has tall head gear and the body colorfully painted with images of snakes.